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Reigate, Surrey – 22 October 2022

Aptus Technology welcomes our newest team member, José Oliveira.

José joins us as an experienced IT support professional. Although he graduated from the University of Minho in his native Portugal with a humanities degree, José’s interest in technology had been building steadily over the years, and he found he had more in common with those studying technical subjects. Completing his degree (no quitter he), he moved to the UK and successfully secured an entry-level position in tech. Combining work at several MSPs with more-or-less continuous study (with a particular focus on Cloud Technologies and Windows Servers), José has come a long way since he graduated.

We asked José (by the way, it’s pronounced with a ‘J’, not an ‘H’) what he enjoyed away from the office. It turns out he might as well be in the office. As he says: “As far as interests and hobbies go, I enjoy working with Raspberry Pi’s, exploring the various ARM Operating Systems you can put on it.  I’m also really into PowerShell at the moment and the technologies surrounding DevOps are fascinating. I really just like learning as much as I can about IT; it brings me a lot of enjoyment.”

We also asked José his thoughts on his first few weeks at Aptus. He told us “The guys are great. Everyone is friendly and more than happy to help me settle in. They’ve made me feel my contribution is valued. I really feel a part of the team already.”

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