Remote Monitoring & Management

Remote monitoring and management [RMM] lies at the heart of our services. As the name suggests, there are two processes involved – monitoring and management. Operating in tandem, they allow us to ensure your work flows without interruption, in as secure and optimised a way as possible.

Remote Monitoring

Nowadays, all devices – laptops, desktops, servers, networks, mobile phones, everything – are constantly tracking themselves and their performance. This covers every aspect you can think of from disk space availability to CPU usage to network behaviour. We monitor this information with specialist software which will alert us, automatically, of any unusual behaviour.

Once we’re aware, we investigate. The aim is to resolve any issue which might affect you or your work, without you ever noticing.

And, of course, we’ll be watching out for your safety, constantly monitoring all your systems for malware and potential security threats. But that’s a story in its own right.

Remote Management

This aspect covers our proactive management of your systems. From our offices, we take a holistic approach to the performance and security of your entire IT environment.

When upgrades and patches become available from manufactures such as Microsoft, we’ll run our own safety tests to confirm their acceptability. Once we’re satisfied, we’ll apply them to your systems to ensure you are always working with the most up-to-date and secure operating systems and apps.

We’ll keep your systems clean and optimised, removing outdated and unwanted software and files.

We’ll ensure your data is backed-up, at a frequency you select, to protect you against outages and minimize downtime and disruption.

What are the benefits of RMM to your business?

Well, although some organisations prefer to stay with the “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” approach, most businesses have transitioned to the RMM model. Why?

• By detecting issues early, small problems don’t escalate to become big ones.
• Typically, issues are resolved before you are even aware of them.
• Proactive maintenance results in optimal device availability and stability of networks. Uptime increases, resulting in enhanced productivity, resulting in increased profitability.
• As with any scheduled maintenance approach, the life of devices will be extended and equipment costs reduced.
• Once a bespoke support plan is in place, tailored to each business’ exact needs, clients are able to budget accurately, in advance, for their support needs.
• Moreover, preventative maintenance decreases the frequency of avoidable site visits, thereby reducing the overall cost of support.
• And remember, the true cost of a system failure is not just the call-out change for an engineer. It includes the costs of employees unable to work and, possibly, the loss of data. That is, work which will have to be done again.

There are many good reasons for adopting the RMM approach to IT support.

No matter what, no matter where, Aptus keeps your business moving forward

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