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With over 20 years experience working across many business sectors, we have gained a deep understanding of the way technology can help a business achieve success. We regularly provide guidance on IT matters to our clients, from simple day-to-day issues to business-wide initiatives.

We are able to provide strategic guidance and impartial advice on the many aspects of technology and how the strands can be combined to produce a strategy. Consultancy services cover conception, planning and execution, taking a project from the initiation stage through to completion.

However, successful implementation of an IT strategy can only be achieved by working closely in partnership with our clients. It is a necessity that there is full clarity on what is to be achieved, so both sides can commit the appropriate resources.

The process starts with discussions to determine requirements. Once scope and timescales have been determined, an initial implementation plan will be created. Next will come a full review of the existing infrastructure to provide a base level. The design stage follows, aiming to achieve the desired outcome. When complete, the implementation plan will be finalised. Your strategic requirements will have been determined, a full system-wide review of your existing IT environment will have been conducted, a customised solution moving you from where you currently are to where you want to be will have been designed and a detailed implementation plan will be in place.

With a well thought-through costed plan in front of you, you are now well placed to make that all important go/no-go decision

If you decide to proceed, we’ll be there to manage the project, from sourcing new equipment and overseeing the work of specialist sub-contractors, to full installation, testing, hand-over, training and support.

There are many benefits of using Aptus’ services:

• Expertise, a deep knowledge of technology and expert skills

• Experience across a wide variety of business sectors

• Objectivity with a focus solely on the matter in hand

• Cost and time effective customized solutions

There are many ways in which we can help with IT projects of all sizes. Call us to discuss and see how we can help.

No matter what, no matter where, Aptus keeps your business moving forward

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