Digital Telephony

With BT’s planned “Switch-off 2025” programme, telephony services as we have known them since the 1800’s are coming to an end. Their replacement will be internet based and will be a step-change in the way businesses communicate, encompassing both voice and multimedia.

Moving from legacy telephony services to VoIP/SIP offers businesses several advantages.

• Reduced costs – In moving away from legacy copper to the internet, costs simply fall away. With the right choice of supplier, calls to UK landlines, mobiles and 03 numbers are charge-free.

• Improved flexibility – VoIP is a virtual phone system which means the telephone number is not tied to a particular location. You can make and receive calls to your number where-ever you need to. In addition, multiple handsets can share a number. So, whether you’re in the office or WFH, you’ll be contactable on a single number.

• Highly scalable – Adding a new telephone is a simple as adding a new internet port. And should you be considering an office move, in the right hands, it’s a very simple operation (at least the telephone bit is) and you’ll be able to take your existing numbers with you, regardless of where you move to.

• Increased functionality – With SIP capable handsets, you can put your preferred video-conference system on every desk. Depending upon the choice of phone, potentially hundreds of other apps including Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace can be installed.

In partnership with RingCentral, one of the UK’s leading suppliers, we install, manage and support VoIP/SIP Internet Telephony Services.

If you would like to consider taking advantage of this step-change in the way businesses communicate, we can help.

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