Business Continuity

Nowadays, many businesses are their digital data. Unimpeded access to it is crucial for the business to function. If blocked, it effectively presses “pause” on the enterprise. But, like it or not, the unexpected can happen. Planning for this is a key managerial responsibility. We can help.

A good Business Continuity Plan will detail the steps which need to be taken to allow a business to continue serving its customers in the hours and days after the event, minimizing the risk of loosing customers to competitors and maintaining the reputation and financial viability of the business.

A key component of this will cover the IT related aspects of recovery. There are many variables to consider and each business will have a unique profile. It will cover as many eventualities as can be identified. Some of the elements will be physical, such as premises, networks, server and data storage. Others are less tangible, such as data recovery and security amongst others. A good Business Continuity Plan should be comprehensive and cover all these aspects and more.

What are the benefits of having a well thought through Business Continuity Plan in place?

• A clear and defined path to keeping the business running, should an event happen
• Minimise cost and duration of recovery period
• A set of actions to take to minimise customer loss and reputational damage
• Raise awareness of financial impact of an event
• Raise awareness of exposures to risk and allowing steps to be taken to minimise them

If you don’t currently have a Business Continuity Plan, or would like an existing plan independently reviewed, call to see how we can help.

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